Stress Management, multiple intelligent & Emotions all the topics were well presented by the speaker. It did give me an opportunity to Know many things in details various doubt were also cleared overall the programme was informative.



Speakers are really Excellent. Very knowledgeable and in formatives.It was an interesting session. Thanks a lot Gauri.It was a pleasure meeting everyone over here.



I appreciate all presenters for the nice presentation. useful for counselors.



Thank you and Kindly contact me if you have more workshops all the best for you and your team.




Small group one to one interaction with presentation.




Ms. Lunia’s talk about Holistic Education was extremely interesting and insightful. I would love to attend more of her presentations.


My name is Raluca, I’ am a student at CIS.  I am a ninth grade student choosing my subjects for the up and coming years, being confused about my future prospects I requested help from Mentor.

I was pleasantly greeted on my arrival by members of the organization. Initially, a conference was held where we discussed future educational opportunities. Afterwards, I was asked to complete a test which consisted of 90 general questions, for which I was allocated 15 minutes to complete.

I also decided to take part in their Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test, which required me to give my fingerprints. This procedure is completed within very few simple steps, yet the results had a powerful and significant impact towards me, not just as a student but as an individual.

I originally requested help from Mentor to discover more about my qualities and strengths. The results from the DMIT were so detailed, disclosing and identifying characteristics from my nature to my exceeding abilities to what I have evolved into over the years. I recommend this service to all students at Mentor it was a pleasant and useful experience that was definitely worth the investment.


I would like to say thank you for the fast service at Mentor, I really appreciate the professionalism and quality of service that was provided at Mentor Global Advisers. A huge thanks to Ms.Sukanya Dasgupta for her dedication and commitment.

Before discovering Mentor, I felt lost and hopeless, this exceptional service and experience has helped me to become more confident and outgoing.  Everything was straight forward and very quick with their guidance and advice, it has been a pleasure. Thank You.


Studying in the American University of Sharjah, which is one of the top universities in Dubai was a dream come true. Thanks to team “Mentor” for their efficient and sincere help towards helping me attain an admission in AUS.

I visited Mentor Global Advisers in the hope of getting knowledge and help about in the process of getting an admission. They proved to be more than just a helpful source. The dedicated team patiently explained the steps to finding the right course, to the right university. They analysed my educational profile in order to find the best suited university for me and my future. The procedure they followed for attaining an admission was easy to understand, and they were extremely considerate ensuring I was moving forward getting a place secured.

The staff at Mentor were always helpful in answering any queries throughout the process of application. I will forever be grateful to the team and organisation for helping me to achieve my dream goal, and identify my capabilities.Special thanks to Ms Gauri Arur, for your constant help and support.


It is my pleasure to write a review for Mentor Consultants. To begin with I would like to thank Ms. Gauri and Sukanya for their tremendous help, they guided me throughout the entire application of my desired studies. Their dedication to ensuring all documents required from my previous college were submitted, and ensuring my visa application was processed on time was outstanding. I would also like to thank all the staff at Mentor Consultants for their help when applying for my visa. Although this application was in German this did not phase you, your dedication and support was very impressive.

The service provided to all students at Mentor Consultants was excellent, you were available 24/7 on call, via email or in person to answer any questions. The best thing about the all-round experience with Mentor, was the extremely friendly and never too formal attitude towards all students. Once again I would like to thank Ms. Gauri for understanding all my fears and doubts as well as Ms. Sukanya for being so friendly, calm and polite


Hi! My name is Nasim. I have had the privilege of working with my mentor Ms. Gauri Arur for close to six months now and I am extremely impressed with the tenacity she possesses and skills she has acquired as a mentor.

Mentor as guided me through my applications for an undergraduate course in Canada, right from helping to select appropriate colleges till applying for my visa.

I am very happy to get an acceptance from 3 colleges in Canada, out of which I have selected Conestoga College.

Ms. Gauri Arur is very professional and has a lot of ideas and cognitive decision making skills in various situations. So I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone as a mentor to bring success in your required field. Her hard work and perseverance allowed her to master skills in counseling field that most people do not reach because they simply don’t follow through.

She has been always supportive throughout my process and answered my doubts and guided me whenever required. She is an awesome example of what it takes to succeed in this counseling career and if you are looking for a mentor she is the perfect one to guide you.