Academic Counseling

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It is an opportunity to exchange information designed to MENTOR students reach their educational and career goals.

We assist students in the development of their educational plans for the realization of their career goals. We help students in realizing their maximum potential, enabling them to make better decisions regarding their higher education.


Organising School Events / Seminars

We Organize educational events and seminars like

  • Career Fairs
  • International universities road shows
  • Seminars on Career options
  • Interschool Competitions
  • Education and Extracurricular workshops

Multiple Intelligence Test

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Multiple intelligence Analysis: Every child is unique and talented, but we need to know what is unique in them and how they can excel in their strength areas. Multiple intelligence Analysis discovers you child’s innate traits scientifically, empowering one to realize their potential and achieve excellence.

  • This helps students realize their strengths and limitations.
  • Build confidence level.
  • Make better academic and career choices.