We at Mentor believe:

  • Every child is unique
  • Every child is talented
  • Every child is capable of excellence

But we need to know what is unique in them, where they are talented and how they can excel in their strength areas. Discover your child’s inborn talent through a new technology Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA)

Why Dermatoglyphics Analysis?

Why Dermatoglyphics Analysis? In this fast moving and competitive era you are expecting the best from your children but unable to understand a few aspects. Today, Dermatoglyphics analysis can easily reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents. After discovering a child’s innate intelligence, parents and educators can easily:

 Discover innate stengths & limitations

 Discover basic Personality type and behaviour characteristics of child.

 Enhance learning experience by discovering preferred learning style of a child.

 Make academic and career choices easier.

 Build confidence level

 Reveal hidden talents.

DMI Analysis also answers a few common questions for parents & educators.

 How to improve child’s concentration level?

 Why he/she is so hyperactive?

 Why he/she is stubborn in nature?

 Why he/she does not enjoy academic learning?

 Why he/she is careless; can’t concentrate on one task?

 What is the reason behind his/her ill-humored behaviour?

 Why he/she is shy in nature?

Dermataglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis Reflects