Spain officially the Kingdom of Spain is a sovereign state located on the peninsula in southwestern Europe. The mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea. Madrid is the largest city and the capital of Spain. The official language is Spanish.

Spain is the Europe’s fourth largest country. Spain shares its borders with Portugal on the west and Gibralter and Morocco on the South. Spain is diversified by 3 main climatic zones.

·The Mediterranean climate which is characterized by warm and dry summers. It is dominant in the Peninsula.

The Semi –arid climate located in the south eastern quarter of the country. In contrast with the Mediterranean climate the dry season extends beyond the

The oceanic climate located in the northern quarter of the country. In contrary to the Mediterranean climate, winter and summer temperatures are influenced by the ocean and have no seasonal draught.


The University System is contributed by 75 universities (50 Public and 25 private). Public owned universities are established by the means of a law passed by the legislative assembly of the concerned autonomous community or through the legislation passed in the Spanish parliament. However in case of private universities, they enjoy certain autonomy, from the development of their statutes to their own organizational rules and functions as well as other internal rules.

University education is structured in two educational levels: Undergraduate and Post Graduate

Undergraduate Education System: This initial cycle comprises basic and general education as well as training geared to the exercise of professional activities. The organization of undergraduate studies comprises the definition of general and specific competencies expected from the graduates at the end of their studies.

Post graduate Education System: This system is divided into two cycles.

 The second university cycle comprises advanced, Multidisciplinary training whose aim is academic or professional specialization. This may also provide grounding in research .The Successful completion of this program leads to a master degree.

 The third university cycle provides students with advanced training in research techniques. It may require a master degree or equivalent specific courses, and other research training activities. This also includes the preparation of a doctoral thesis based on original research. Successful completion of this cycle leads to the title of Doctor.